DNEye Scanner

Individualised lenses with the revolutionary DNEye® eye measurement.

At Brownbills Optometrists we’re proud to be one of the few Opticians in Kent offering this revolutionary benefit to our patients.

Experience the revolutionary eyesight test with the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner. Unique in the world, more than 7,000 measurement points can be transferred into your individual spectacle lenses. The only way to experience perfect vision.

DNEye® optimised lenses give you the following benefits:

High-contrast vision like never before.

Sharpest contrast.

Safe vision like never before.

Best night vision.

Natural vision like never before.

Largest fields of vision.

Colourful vision like never before.

Natural visual experiences.

With the high-precision 3D eye measurement of the DNEye® Scanner from Rodenstock, our Optical team can measure your eyes more precisely
than ever before. As well as utilising the results in the consulting room, the measured biometric values can be integrated into your lenses. In doing so, you receive the most individual and perfect Rodenstock lenses and thus the sharpest vision of all time.

Available as single vision lenses and progressive lenses.