As your local independent optician, we’re excited about the freedom of choice we are able to offer each and every one of our patients following their eye examination. We believe that a spectacular pair of spectacles shouldn’t just be about fashion. In addition to complementing the wearer’s personality and lifestyle, the correct choice of lenses can also allow you to see the world again in its true beauty. As independent Optometrists of Ashford, our friendly team of experienced staff are qualified to present you with a wide array of lens designs to suit your lifestyle.

To begin discovering the types of lenses available, click on the headings below and find out which lenses might be best for you.

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses have one single prescription across the entire field of view and are suitable for a wide range of purposes. Most commonly they are made for either viewing in the distance or for close-up tasks such as reading or computer use.

Single Vision lenses can vary widely in quality and our dispensing team will use your prescription and lifestyle needs to guide you to the perfect choice. For example, our As-Worn Individualised lenses provide excellent optical properties, crisp, clear vision to the very edges of the lens and unsurpassed performance whilst simultaneously providing superb contrast and colour definition.

For those who need to wear correction for both distance and near vision, you could choose to wear 2 separate pairs of single vision lenses, with one dedicated to each task. Alternatively, you may wish to consider the benefits of Varifocal lenses.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses have 2 segments to each lens with a clear dividing line which sits just below the coloured portion of your eye. The top portion of the lens provides a clear distance prescription for driving and TV. The lower segment provides near vision correction allowing you the extra power necessary for you to read clearly. However, bifocals don’t accommodate any room for an intermediate distance prescription which could be useful if you wanted to work on a computer or read sheet music. As the dividing line on the lens is also visible, some patients feel bifocals are not as cosmetically appealing.

Although the popularity of bifocals has decreased in recent years, many of our patients still boast the simplicity of their wear and visual comfort.

Near Comfort Lenses / Occupational Lenses

Near comfort lenses provide an ideal solution to anyone who needs more than a single vision lens for tasks when at work or at home. With no visible dividing line, a near comfort lens provides consistent and comfortable performance throughout the entire near and intermediate prescriptions and helps to alleviate the strain often accredited to extensive computer use. Intermediate prescriptions are useful if you wanted to work on a computer or read sheet music.

Although often likened to one another, near comfort lenses provide a substantially larger near and intermediate zone than a typical varifocal. However, near comfort lenses are not suitable to be worn for tasks such as driving. For a lens which incorporates your distance prescription as well, you may wish to consider Varifocal lenses.

Varifocal Lenses

As our eyes age, their ability to focus over different distances diminishes. Varifocal lenses are ideal for viewing the world around us at all distances. With no visible dividing lines or markings, they work to correct distance, intermediate and reading vision giving you the convenience of having natural vision in one pair of spectacles. For example, our As-Worn Individualised varifocal lenses provide excellent optical properties, crisp, clear vision and unsurpassed performance whilst simultaneously providing superb contrast and colour definition.

However, even the very best varifocal lenses cannot offer 100% clear vision as there are always portions towards the edges of the lens where the prescriptions merge and you will often experience a softer than normal focus. To minimise the effects of this and enhance your visual experience, our dispensing team will guide you towards the best lens choice for your vision and lifestyle.

If varifocal lenses aren’t for you but you still require comfort of vision then you may wish to look at our near comfort lenses in collaboration with a separate pair for distance vision.

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