EyeCare Cosmetics

Brownbills Optometrists are delighted to be stockists of EyeCare Cosmetics.

A complete range of skincare and make-up specifically designed for sensitive or allergic skin and eyes and perfect for contact lens wearers. It is recommended by doctors, dermatologists, allergy specialists, oncologists and ophthalmologists faced with an environment to which people are becoming increasingly sensitive.

More and more people are now intolerant of, or allergic to, cosmetic products. So that the beauty industry can be accessible to everyone, Eye Care Cosmetics’ products are developed in close partnership with dermatologists, ophthalmologists and allergy specialists so you can be sure of their perfect tolerance.

Skincare products tailored to sensitive and allergic skins

EYE CARE COSMETICS’ skincare products are formulated to soothe irritations, tightness, tingling and redness in the most sensitive skins, through a rigorous selection of ingredients, particularly active ingredients. This strict selection process aims to strengthen the skin’s natural defences and protect it against external factors.

Uniquely conceived make-up, safe for all

Designed to avoid any intolerance reaction with or without contact lenses, Eye Care Cosmetics’ make-up products are developed using substances that are specially selected for their complete safety and their compatibility with biomaterials (tears, cornea, lash line, epidermis, mucous membranes and biomaterials).

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