Independant Opticians and Contact Lens Practitioners in Ashford, Kent


Cecil House, Norwood Street, Ashford, TN23 1QT

There’s more to it than meets the eye…

We pride ourselves on the freedom of choice we are able to offer each and every one of our patients following their eye examination.


Whether it is a pair you wear all day or an occasional reading lens, when you wear your spectacles it is important that you look good and feel great about yourself. The frames must suit you and your lifestyle perfectly, whilst being comfortable and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the best possible vision.


We continually search the market for the best frames available and take time to assist you in finding the right pair for you. Which frame suits you best? Which tints and coatings create the most impact in your chosen frame shape? There’s always an array of different styles and fashions to experience and many of our frames feature hypoallergenic and lightweight materials such as titanium or SPX.


When you have selected your perfect frames, your dispenser will guide you through the lens options available. From tried and tested lens technologies to the latest individualised designs, these may include lenses designed for a specific activity such as occupational work or reading, or may be for more all-day wear such as the latest single vision or varifocal designs. Depending on your needs and prescription, the dispenser may also suggest other lens benefits such as Hard Anti-reflective treatments, Photochromic tints, Drivewear treatments or Polarised tints.


Once you’ve picked the perfect pair it’s time for your lenses and frames to be manufactured. During the manufacturing of your spectacles we and our suppliers perform regular checks to ensure the highest quality is maintained. The completed spectacles will then be matched with the correct case and a complementary cleaning cloth before our reception team contact you to invite you to come in to collect. On arrival at your collection, our dispensing team will ensure the optimum fit for your frames before letting you stand back and admire yourself in your lovely new spectacles.