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New frame brand: Blackfin Eyewear

Jan 23rd 2024
We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking Blackfin eyewear at Brownbills Optometrists.

A Blackfin frame is the result of hundreds of processes, to some these would just be the production process, but for Blackfin each one is a little ritual. Everything they create is conceived and produced in Italy, and each model is the fruit of the technical expertise and the creative vocation of generations of men and women dedicated to producing a work of art.

A Blackfin model starts life as a concept, which then becomes a sketch, eventually being transformed into a prototype. On the way there are technical tests, colour-matching experiments and endless adjustments until they arrive at an object that is both technically and aesthetically superb.

Each frame is made only of Japanese titanium, and is worked entirely in Agordo in Italy, a little town in the heart of the Italian Alps!

To book an appointment to see our new collection of Blackfin frames, please contact our dispensing team on 01233 625 360.