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Jamie’s Myopia Management Journey

Mar 21st 2022
Myopia (Short-Sightedness) can be managed in a few different ways to reduce its progression as we age. When Jamie visited us recently she chose to explore the route of MiYoSMART Spectacle lenses.

Following some self-research done by Jamie’s family, this young lady and her mum booked in to discuss Myopia Management in more detail with our Optometrists. Advised of the different options, Jamie chose to pursue the route of MiYOSMART Spectacle Lenses.

MiYOSMART is a unique and innovative solution for managing myopia developed based on cutting edge research by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Our Pre-Reg Dispensing Optican and MiYOSMART Specialist Sarah Sydnes had the pleasure of seeing Jamie to select the perfect frame for her new lenses. Selecting the correct frame is always necessary for spectacle wearers of any age, but when choosing a frame to accompany MiYOSMART lenses it becomes imperative that the fit and comfort of the frame are just right. Sarah was able to advise Jamie on the most suitable frames for her, selecting a frame from popular children’s frame manufacturer Tomato Glasses UK. Jamie found the frame comfortable to wear and it offered lots of possibilities for adjustments to optimise the fit. Following mum’s approval on the frame, Sarah took all the additional measurements required to ensure Jamie’s spectacles would be perfect for her.

And so Jamie’s new Myopia Management spectacles were sent off to be made.

A couple of weeks later Jamie was invited back to Brownbills to try her new spectacles for the very first time. At the collection appointment Jamie was excited to put them on and when she did, she was delighted with what she could see… So much so that she very kindly agreed with Sarah that she’d complete a little diary of how she got on in her first few days wearing them. Here’s a brief excerpt of Jamie’s first week of wear.

Day 1: All clear from all parts of the room.
Day 2: All clear from back. No headaches, tired, no pushing up.
Day 3: All clear, no headaches, little tired. no pushing up reminded 3x
Day 4: Clear all around school
Day 5: I tried the band! It worked better. Though i had to loosen or tighten it.
Day 6: I tied the band after mum dad fixed it.
Day 7: Watch screen clear but blur after a few hours.

Despite some adaptation, which is common with any new prescription lens, it looks like Jamie had a very successful first week of wear!

At Jamie’s 2 week follow-up appointment, Jamie reported that all of the adaptation issues had gone and she was now really enjoying wearing her new spectacles (as well as all the fabulous comments she was getting about them at school!). Sarah was able to address the one concern that did remain with the spectacles slipping by making a few minor adjustments to the fit of the frame.

It is the hope that wearing these spectacles will now help to reduce the progression of Jamie’s myopia as she grows.

We look forward to seeing her again in 6 months time to see how she’s getting on!

For more information on MiYOSMART lenses, take a look at this page, or speak with one of our qualified Myopia Management Specialists.