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How to stop your glasses fogging up with a face mask?

Feb 25th 2021

We’re all having to wear facemasks when we’re out and about now. Whether it’s visiting the supermarket, working on the frontline or even (when restrictions allow us to) meeting up with our loved ones – the fact is that face masks have certainly become a part of our daily lives. But they’re not exactly the perfect companion to your spectacles! Every day our patients ask me the same question: “How do you stop your glasses fogging up with a mask?”

The reason our lenses fog up is simply due to a change in temperature. As you breathe your mask forces your warm breath upwards towards your spectacles. If your lenses are colder than the temperature of your breath, the lens will most likely fog up. The fog effect is often also enhanced by warm room temperature.

Our staff have been wearing facemasks throughout the pandemic and so we thought we’d share our top-tips on how to keep your spectacles fog-free in 2021.

1. Make sure that your mask is fitting correctly.

It’s really important that your mask is fitted correctly. Masks that have a metal bar across the top are best for this as you can mould the bar around your nose minimizing the gap where your warm breath can escape. Having a good fitting mask will also help reduce your risk of infection.

2. Keep your spectacles clean

It seems obvious but often people don’t clean their lenses as often as they should. A good spectacle cleaning spray and fresh cleaning cloth applied daily will help to not only keep the fog away, it will also make the most of those fabulous lenses your wearing!

3. Nano-Magic Anti-Fog Drops

These have honestly been the saving-grace for those of us wearing masks in practice and our patients love them too! It’s essentially a drop (of magic) that you put onto your lenses each day and it prevents your spectacles fogging up. We love it so much we’ve started selling it! Each bottle costs £15.95 but lasts for approximately 300 treatments – which works out as about 5p per day for fog-free lenses. You can watch a video about it here…