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These top tops will help to ensure everyone enjoys the best possible eye health…

As well as being windows onto the soul, our eyes provide a reflection of our lifestyles. Being healthy and making the right choices can have a significant impact on our vision, and these top tips will help to ensure everyone enjoys the best possible eye health:

Have regular eye tests Our specialist equipment provides a detailed eye health check, allowing us to start treating problems at the first possible opportunity. Regular eye tests are particularly vital for monitoring sight levels and eye health in children, and we stock specialist spectacle lenses designed for office work.

Cut out the cigarettes Smoking doubles your chances of developing cataracts and can treble the risk of age-related macular degeneration, which causes severe impairment of vision. Your wider eye health is also likely to suffer unless you can kick the habit.

Serve and protect No matter whether you’re an amateur tennis player or a professional builder, your eyes should be protected against flying objects and dirt. Glasses, goggles or masks will prevent eye-related injuries and avoid any build-up of damage over time.

Stay in the shades Sunglasses don’t just look stylish, they also filter out invisible (yet harmful) ultraviolet rays that damage retinas and corneas. Anti-reflective coatings and polarised lenses reduce sun glare, which can dazzle you and damage your eyes.

Never drink to excess A few pints might make your vision a bit wobbly, but excessive alcohol consumption can also damage the optic nerves. Heavy drinking increases the risk of cataracts and AMD by reducing the liver’s ability to process important vitamins.

Reduce screen time We’re not meant to stare at computers or phones for hours on end, and our eyes can easily become tired. Give them hourly breaks by focusing on distant objects, to avoid eyestrain that may cause headaches and loss of clear sight. We can also advise about glasses that are optimal for regular computer use.

Eat healthier A plate of vegetables is a feast for your eyes. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamins A, C and E, which all provide us with vital antioxidants, while lutein in peppers and berries reduce the risk of eye diseases. Friday takeaways are fine as a treat, but studies around the world show that carb heavy diets increase the risk of cataracts.

Make up and mend Removing any make up in the evening gives your eyes the chance to recuperate from time spent beneath a layer of chemicals. A good nightly cleansing routine is highly recommended, including both hypoallergenic wipes and soothing eye creams.

Ask the experts If you notice anything unusual about your vision call us for an appointment. We can help resolve any minor issues before they start to become more serious.