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Eye Examinations are more than just about new glasses…

As your local independent optician, our experienced team of Optometrists are renowned for their comprehensive eye examinations. Since opening in Ashford in the early 1920s, our dedicated team have utilised tried and tested techniques alongside state-of-the-art technology such as our OCT, Optomap and DNEye Scanner to provide you with the highest quality of eye care services.

What should I expect during my eye examination?

During your eye examination your Optometrist will discuss your reason for visiting and any problems you may be experiencing with your vision in your day-to-day life. They will ask questions about your general health and for details of any medication that you may be taking. They may also ask for details regarding your family’s health which may have relevance to yourself, such as there being a family history of glaucoma.

Your optometrist will measure your unaided or ‘natural’ vision and aided vision using our computerised test charts and will assess the muscle balance of your eyes to ensure that not only do you see clearly, but comfortably as well. Together with other examinations on the eyes, they will use this information to calculate your optimal prescription that is required for your spectacles or contact lenses. Your prescription may include measurements for far, near and intermediate distances which our dispensing team will be able to realise into a magnitude of different lens options for you.

We utilise tried and tested techniques alongside state of the art technology such as our OCT and Corneal Topographer to access and measure the health of your eyes. These additional examinations will be discussed and explained to you as they are performed so that you understand what is happening and the benefit it has to you at every stage of the examination.

What will happen after my appointment?

At the end of the examination your Optometrist will provide you with a written copy of your prescription and will discuss their findings with you; including giving any recommendations that they may have for you.

Should you require, your Optometrist will then introduce you to a member of our dispensing team who will be able to assist you in choosing the right pair of spectacles to suit you and your lifestyle.

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