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Make Space for Silhouette

Not many of us have got away on our holidays in recent times, especially those of us who love a trip abroad to find a sun-kissed beach or a adventure of discovery. But this hasn't stopped space exploration. In fact, whilst we've been locked-down, one of Silhouette's lightweight spectacle frames travelling to space a total of 37 times!

The Titan Minimal Art collection, which has been the eyewear of choice on space missions for the past 20 years has now clocked up an incredible total of 11,243 hours in space. It's lightweight, rimless frame composition leaves you (and astronauts) free to feel completely unburdened by your eyewear.

The range, which is available for you to try on at Brownbills, features a screwless design created from a single piece of high-tech titanium. This cutting-edge, space-certified technology guarantees safety for astronauts, unlike traditional eyeglasses which have screws and parts that pose the risk of becoming loose while in space.

To celebrate such an amazing collaboration between Silhouette and space exploration, they have partnered with World Space Week which happens from 4th-10th October annually.

Former Astronaut, Jim Wetherbee, has spent hours with Silhouette's eyewear up in space and has experienced the advantages first hand. As part of World Space Week, Jim shared his experiences of his time as an astronaut.  You can hear what he had to say in the video below:


Wonder Vision

As we approach National Sunglasses Day on Sunday 27th June we thought it was about time we talked a bit about them!

A well-chosen pair of sunglasses can be a wonderful year-round companion. They will help you combat low sun while driving in the autumn and repel glare from snow in winter. However, they come into their own in the spring and summer months when we spend more time outdoors in brighter conditions.

Every pair of sunglasses we provide for our patients offers full protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays whilst outdoors. Just because the sun has not come out, there can still be UV light bouncing off surfaces such as buildings and roads.

How do I know which pair of sunglasses are best for me?

Some frames will suit your specific facial shape and lifestyle better than others. For instance, if you spend long periods outdoors, it is more important to consider wraparound frames which prevent UV rays being able to get over or around the sides of the lenses. If you spend most of the day driving, narrower sides will provide optimal peripheral vision during manoeuvres. And if you are regularly found on sports pitches, dedicated sports sunglasses offering impact resistance are a must.

Your facial shape can affect the optimal choice of sunglasses, as it does with spectacles. Dainty facial features may suit smaller, rounder lenses, whereas a square jaw tends to complement larger aviator-style frames. Your skin tone might also steer you towards (or away from) certain styles or colours, and people wanting to accentuate their cheekbones and eyebrows should consider whether certain sunglasses would highlight or obscure these facial features.

It is also important to consider the weight and thickness of your lenses in larger sunglasses frames – this is something our team will be able to discuss with you to find the optimal solution.

Can I try different designs on?

Of course! All our frames are disinfected between patients and available to be tried on at your visit. You’ll be able to try on different designs in our practice while looking in the mirror or taking selfies, so you can judge them from every angle. Our qualified experts will also offer advice on issues like practicality and durability, to ensure your new sunglasses will be practical and comfortable for years to come.

Arrange your visit to us today by calling 01233 625360.

Porsche Design Iconic Contour

The 2021 Porsche Iconic has arrived!

When new frames arrive in practice there's always a buzz of excitement (yes - we genuinely get excited about new frames!). And after this arrived in practice yesterday, we couldn't wait to unbox it and take a look.

We've always had a passion for spectacle frames that get that perfect balance between style, comfort, fashion and technology. Luckily, all of these qualities are perfectly combined in this glorious piece of sun-wear.

Coming in at a fabulously Porsche Price of £911.00 (of course selected in honour of the Porsche 911 car), Porsche release a limited edition Iconic model each year. And yes - the 'limited edition' means that they only make 911 of each model too!

The Porsche Design Iconic Countour joins the other Porsche Design Sunglass range and is a truly iconic masterpiece. Three years in the making, the sunglasses were designed by Studio F A Porsche and developed in collaboration with the Rodenstock engineering department in Munich.

The new Porsche Design Iconic Contour is born from the idea to design a frame that looks like drawn by hand in one stroke. The concept is characterized by an all-embracing wire that includes and holds together the eye rims milled from massive titanium. Its striking technical and futuristic look celebrates the contrast between solid titanium and light wire.

Check out the official video below, and if you'd like to join the rush to try it on then book your appointment to come and see us as soon as you can! (It's worth it just to feel the quality and grab a selfie!).


Brownbills team named Lockdown Heroes

Well we all love to receive an award – and today is no different.

Brownbills are proud to have been recognised as a Lockdown Hero The awards, organised by SightCare, aimed to acknowledge our dedication to our local community eye care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Optical practices across the UK, including Brownbills, submitted their lockdown experiences to the SightCare as part of their ‘SightCare Lockdown Heroes’ award initiative. The exemplary work of entrants included hand-delivering frames to the vulnerable, creating uplifting parody eye related videos, creating lectures on brain and vision therapy, taking on additional training and refitting the practice to make it more COVID-secure and feeding the homeless, to name but a few.

SightCare said “We are exceptionally proud of how independent optical practices have worked to keep the eyesight of their community safe during the pandemic, while also complying to the ever-changing regulations. They have shown not only great dedication to their small independent business, but to their local community, making them worthy Lockdown Heroes.”

Spectacle Anto-Fog

How to stop your glasses fogging up with a face mask?

We're all having to wear facemasks when we're out and about now. Whether it's visiting the supermarket, working on the frontline or even (when restrictions allow us to) meeting up with our loved ones - the fact is that face masks have certainly become a part of our daily lives. But they're not exactly the perfect companion to your spectacles! Every day our patients ask me the same question: "How do you stop your glasses fogging up with a mask?"

The reason our lenses fog up is simply due to a change in temperature. As you breathe your mask forces your warm breath upwards towards your spectacles. If your lenses are colder than the temperature of your breath, the lens will most likely fog up. The fog effect is often also enhanced by warm room temperature.

Our staff have been wearing facemasks throughout the pandemic and so we thought we'd share our top-tips on how to keep your spectacles fog-free in 2021.

1. Make sure that your mask is fitting correctly.

It's really important that your mask is fitted correctly. Masks that have a metal bar across the top are best for this as you can mould the bar around your nose minimizing the gap where your warm breath can escape. Having a good fitting mask will also help reduce your risk of infection.

2. Keep your spectacles clean

It seems obvious but often people don't clean their lenses as often as they should. A good spectacle cleaning spray and fresh cleaning cloth applied daily will help to not only keep the fog away, it will also make the most of those fabulous lenses your wearing!

3. Nano-Magic Anti-Fog Drops

These have honestly been the saving-grace for those of us wearing masks in practice and our patients love them too! It's essentially a drop (of magic) that you put onto your lenses each day and it prevents your spectacles fogging up. We love it so much we've started selling it! Each bottle costs £15.95 but lasts for approximately 300 treatments - which works out as about 5p per day for fog-free lenses. You can watch a video about it here...

Christmas Opening Hours 2020

What a year it’s been! We hope you and your loved ones have all kept safe and well.

Our Christmas Opening Hours are as follows:

Christmas Eve – 9am-1pm
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
27th December – Closed
28th December – Closed
29th December – Closed
30th December – Closed
New Years Eve – Closed
New Years Day – Closed
2nd January – Open as normal
3rd January – Closed
4th January – Open as normal

If you have a medical emergency during the time we are closed then please follow the advice from our governing bodies and call NHS 111 or attend an alternative practice who may be open.

Vision correction for active lifestyles

Active lifestyles place unique demands on our eyewear, and the perfect frames for a day in the office might not be suitable for mountain biking, hiking, golf or five-a-side football.


If your weekends involve personal bests rather than box sets, dedicated sports eyewear could be as important as supportive trainers or a workout playlist. Contact lenses are ideally suited to physical or outdoor activities and today’s lenses are more comfortable than ever. Prescription goggles are ideal for swimming, providing clear vision and protecting the eyes from waterborne contaminants and bacteria.


Sports frames can be adjusted in our practice to ensure a perfect fit – they should ideally wrap around your face, to provide a wide field of vision without any awkward blind spots. (Full-face frames will also block out dust and rain). Look at the eyewear worn by top athletes for inspiration, and ask our advice about optimal choices for your sporting or lifestyle preferences. Despite being made out of lightweight materials, polycarbonate lenses shrug off impacts from flying objects. Polarized lenses reduce glare from lights or reflections, while photochromic lenses automatically darken in bright conditions and give 100 per cent UV protection for outdoor use. Finally, scratch-resistant coatings are great for sports where you might be in direct contact with the elements.