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Beauty (and Contact Lenses) are in the eye of the beholder...

Whether you’re considering contact lenses for a clinical reason or just because you want to be free of spectacle wear, we’re here to care for you on your contact lens journey.

Why Contact Lenses?

Sometimes our Optometrists will recommend contact lenses for a clinical reason where spectacles are not an appropriate solution to a patient’s vision correction. However, many wearers choose to wear lenses in preference to spectacles either for lifestyle, comfort or cosmetic reasons.

Why Brownbills?

Contact lenses are a medical device issued to you based on a prescription from an Optometrist. Because they sit directly on your eye it is important that they are fitted and regularly checked by a qualified Contact Lens Optician.

Our experts will guide you through your contact lens journey at every stage, from identifying the most appropriate lens, and teaching you how to insert and remove them safely, to managing your prescription, and guiding you through the ongoing care required to ensure you can wear lenses comfortably and safely for life.

So whether you want freedom from your spectacles on a regular basis or simply to wear contact lenses for social events, or for sport and fitness, if contact lenses are for you then book your appointment and begin your contact lens journey today! – 01233 625360

Ready to start your journey with Contact Lenses?

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, age should not be a barrier when it comes to contact lens wear. There are a wealth of lens options to choose from and with our guidance, we’ll match you to your perfect lens, whatever your age or visual needs

No, this is a common misconception. The front of the eye and underside of the eyelid are covered by a thin membrane called the ‘conjunctiva’ which physically prevents this from happening.

Yes you can, it is best to apply your lenses before putting your make-up on, and remove them before taking off your make-up. We can even recommend a range of eye care cosmetics specifically designed to compliment contact lens wear.

There are certain types of lenses which you may be allowed to sleep in. Unless you have been specifically told by your optician that you can, you shouldn’t sleep or nap in your lenses.