Independant Opticians and Contact Lens Practitioners in Ashford, Kent


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Subtle and Stunning vision without the boundaries…

We pride ourselves on the freedom of choice we are able to offer each and every one of our patients following their eye examination.


Contact Lenses remove the boundary of a spectacle frame and give you vision correction at the source. Whether you want to wear lenses every day, or just occasionally for your sports and leisure activities, we’ll work with you to find the right lenses for you and your lifestyle. Furthermore, age is no barrier when it comes to Contact Lens wear, as the most recent multifocal lenses allow you to see clearly in the distance and at near. (Our most experienced lens wearer is 89!)


The lenses must suit you and your lifestyle perfectly, whilst being comfortable and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the best possible vision. At Brownbills we provide a personalised contact lens service, tailored to your individual needs and requirements. All of our Optometrists have extensive experience in fitting conventional as well as custom made Contact Lenses for patients with different needs. We’re also proud to care for many patients who have been referred to us from the hospital for their complex Contact Lens fittings.


As with spectacle lenses, there are various types of Contact Lenses which are available and our Optometrists will work with you to select the best options to suit your lifestyle, prescription and budget. Being an independent practice means that we are not restricted as to what we can offer and therefore we can fit and supply you with any lens that is available on the market, including the very latest in Contact Lens technology.


With increased demand for Contact Lens wear and modern advances in research it is possible to find a perfect Contact Lens solution for most patients. The latest lens materials and designs allow you to see clearly and comfortably whilst maintaining the health of your eyes.


Whether you want freedom from Spectacles on a regular basis or simply to wear Contact Lenses for social events, or for sport and fitness, we aim to find a Contact Lens that is best suited to your requirements. If you think that Contact Lenses might be for you and you’re interested in finding out more, please contact our reception team.


I want to wear lenses, where do I start?


The first thing for any new contact lens wearer is to ensure that we have an up-to-date eye examination. We recommend our comprehensive eye examination and contact lens assessment. This is a 40-45 minute appointment in which your Optometrist will check the health of your eyes, and discuss your expectations and suitability for contact lens wear.


Once it has been decided which type of contact lens suits your prescription and lifestyle, the next stage is to have a contact lens trial. Depending on your prescription, lenses may be ordered in especially for you or supplied straight away from our large in-house stock. Your contact lens trial will commonly start with an insertion and removal appointment at which your Optometrist will introduce you to the lenses and demonstrate how to handle them – putting them in and taking them out of the eye. You may be nervous about this initially, but your qualified Optometrist will help you and show you a variety of techniques so that you can find the one for you. They will also provide you with instructions on how to clean and care for your contact lenses.


Once you are confident with handling the lenses and your Optometrist is satisfied with the fit and vision, you will be able to take some lenses home for a longer trial. Once you’ve had a chance to experience the lenses in your normal routine, we’ll invite you back to the practice so that we can assess the wear again and see how you’ve been getting on. From this, your Optometrist can make any necessary adjustments or recommendations before handing over your first full supply of lenses.


But your contact lens care doesn’t stop there! When you wear contact lenses it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy, the lenses are in good condition and you always have the optimum lens for your eyes and lifestyle. Your Optometrist will recommend how frequently they would like to see you for these appointments.