KlarPilot Anti-Fog Lens Spray


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Wearing a facemask is now part of our daily routine. Safety is priority to defeat the COVID-19 virus. But wearing a facemask can also cause irritation, because as your breathe, your lenses fog constantly. The solution: KlarPilot Anti-Fog Spray.

We are pleased to introduce, KlarPilot Anti-Fog Lens Spray – The perfect solution.

– The professional anti-fog agent that works safely even in extreme situations
– Also great for diving masks, swimming goggles and safety goggles.
– Provides a particularly long-lasting effect.

KlarPilot Spray reliably removes dirt, grease and sweat coverings and protects against fogging during perspiration (including sports), high humidity and steam (kitchen, bathroom) and temperature changes (from the cold to the heat). It is suitable for all lenses, especially for sensitive plastic lenses (also scratch-resistant or with “clean-coat” coatings), anti-reflective, tinted, phototropic lenses. Gently cleans without attacking – also ideal for frames and frames. Environmentally friendly without silicone and propellant gas; please note: do not use a microfibre cloth for this product. Use with cellulose cloth (cosmetic cloth).