Your ‘Visual Field’ is your total area of vision or, in other words, everything you see when you open your eyes.

If you focus on an object such as the television or a book, you see this in your ‘central’ visual field. This central area also recognises colour and details. Images ‘around the edges’ or ‘in the corner of your eye’ are viewed in your ‘peripheral’ field. Your peripheral vision is very important for your day-to-day safety, especially if you are crossing roads, driving or playing sport.

Why Test It?

Your visual field tells us a lot about your health, especially if you are at risk of glaucoma. In the early stages of glaucoma it is difficult to notice the slight loss of peripheral vision. The sooner this is identified the better – early detection means early treatment and the best possible vision from your eyes.

Modern technology within the practice means that the visual fields test is very simple. It only takes a few minutes to complete, you won’t need any eye drops and your vision is not affected.

A basic visual fields test may be included in the sight test for patients judged to be at risk by the optometrist. However, you may opt to have this test performed privately too.