Tonometry is a method of measuring the intra-ocular pressure of the eye. It is an important measurement in diagnosing or monitoring glaucoma. It is performed as part of the normal eye examination in anyone over 18.

At Brownbills we have non-contact tonometers, which puff a tiny amount of air into the eye to take a measurement of the pressure. Although this can make you jump, it is painless and many people say that the hand-held machines we have are far less intrusive than those experienced elsewhere.

Goldmann Tonometry is a more accurate technique than the “air-puff” and is the method used by Ophthalmologists in the hospital environment. It involves using an anaesthetic eye drop and a blue light whilst a probe touches the eye to accurately measure the intra-ocular pressure.

We are proud to be able to offer both methods of Tonometry to patients in our care.