Modern Technology means that our optometrists can use special digital cameras to take photographs of the back of your eyes. These photographs allow accurate monitoring of many ocular conditions, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) and Glaucoma.

For example; the optic nerve is a complex structure and varies hugely between people. In glaucoma, its appearance can change as nerve fibres are damaged over time. However, this change can be very subtle and photography allows more accurate monitoring from year to year.

Many patients choose to have a retinal photograph taken when they first visit the practice. This gives us a “baseline” image to refer back to in years to come. If possible, we will take the photograph during your eye examination (an additional fee applies).

In some circumstances, the optometrists are unable to take a clear photograph without using dilating eye drops. Should this be the case, the optometrist may suggest for the photograph to be taken at a separate appointment.