At Brownbills, we understand that a proportion of our patients are elderly and have problems with visiting the practice.

Domiciliary Visits, otherwise known as Home Visits, are ideal for those of our patients who are housebound and unable to visit us in practice for their eye examination. The visit involves one of our optometrists (Dr H.D Pinney, Mrs N.S Stringer or Ms E. Edwards) bringing testing equipment to test the patients vision in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Our optometrists are able to work in most environments from private addresses to residential homes and can adapt the testing procedure used accordingly. We strive to provide a full eye examination during a visit by bringing most of our testing equipment with us. However, some of the ophthalmic instruments we use in our own consulting rooms are too large to bring and consequently, a Domiciliary examination cannot be as extensive as an examination in the practice.

During a domiciliary visit, the patient will also be given the opportunity to update or replace their spectacles with the newly given prescription. This could be simply placing new lenses into an existing frame or choosing a new frame from our individually selected range.

Any patient who is entitled to have an NHS eye examination and is unable to leave the house unaccompanied can have an NHS domiciliary test under the NHS for free. Private patients can also be tested – there is a supplementary fee of £35 in addition to the usual eye examination fee. If you require a domiciliary visit, or would like further information about the service, please contact the practice.