Corneal Topography is the process of measuring the curvature of the eye’s anterior corneal surface.

A Corneal Topographer delivering accurate, high resolution images of the anterior corneal surface is used to carry out the assessment in the examination room. The non-contact process works by precisely measuring the alterations produced in corneal shape and follows any regression or remodelling that might occur subsequently over time.8615193403_2a9090b231_z

The results of this have many uses in the healthcare of your eyes including benefits concerning cataract surgery and where to make the best incision to minimize postoperative astigmatism as well as Contact Lens fittings, especially with Gas-Permeable Lenses.

The procedure can also identify irregular astigmatism and potential problems as well as early forms of Keratoconus. For example, patients with Keratoconus reveal a progressive thinning of the cornea when the assessment is performed.

Your optometrist may perform the Corneal Topography assessment during your routine Eye Examination with us. Alternatively you are able to choose this as an additional appointment at a later date.