We are an independent practice which means that we can fit and supply you with any lens that is available, including the very latest in contact lens technology. We have extensive experience in fitting conventional as well as custom made contact lenses for patients with different needs. We care also for many patients who have been referred to us from the hospital for their complex contact lens fitting.

With current advances in technology it is possible to find a contact lens suitable for most people. Whether you want freedom from spectacles regularly or simply to wear contact lenses for social events, or for sport and fitness, we aim to find a contact lens that is best suited to your requirements. Furthermore age is no barrier, as the most recent multifocal lenses allow you to see clearly in the distance and at near.

There are various types of contact lenses which are available and it is our policy to provide you with a large range of options to suit your lifestyle, prescription and budget. The latest lens materials and designs allow you to see clearly and comfortably whilst maintaining the health of your eyes.

Before fitting you with contact lenses, we recommend our comprehensive eye examination to check the health of your eyes, and discuss your expectations and suitability for contact lens wear. Your optometrist will outline the specific costs involved.

Once it has been decided which type of contact lens suits your prescription and lifestyle the next stage is to have a contact lens trial. Depending on your prescription, lenses may be ordered for you or supplied from our large stock. A contact lens trial commonly starts with teaching you how to handle the lenses – putting them in and out of the eye. You may be nervous about this initially, but a qualified Optometrist will help you and show you a variety of techniques so that you can find the one for you. Instructions on how to clean and care for your contact lenses will also be given.

Once you are happy with handling the lenses and we are happy with the fit and vision, you will be able to take some home for a longer trial. After a couple of weeks our optometrists will assess you again, to hear how you are getting on and make any necessary adjustments.

In most cases, all of the above is covered by an initial fitting fee which starts at £40, depending on the type of contact
lens that you require.

When you wear contact lenses it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy, the lenses are in good condition and you always have the optimum lens for your eyes and lifestyle. You may opt to pay for your lenses on collection or by monthly direct debit.

As a plan member you will receive:

  • Competitively priced contact lenses
  • Contact lens cleaning products if required
  • Unlimited comprehensive aftercare appointments
  • Replacement soft contact lenses when lost or broken
  • Refitting of contact lenses if clinically necessary

Your monthly payment will be tailored to suit your needs and is dependent on the type of lenses you wear. This means that you will only be paying exactly what you need to pay to cover the goods and care you require.

By charging separately for our professional care and lenses, we are able to provide you with impartial advice about your vision needs, as well as the highest standard of clinical care you have come to expect from Brownbills.